News on Big Guy

My Dr. Cowgirl vet came  out and took an ultrasound on Big Guy. I think the news  is good, though of course she didn’t attach that conotation to it.

First, the hematoma is down about 1/4 so it is 75 percent of the size it was 2 weeks ago.

Second, she does believe it’s a pelvis fracture because there was some white flashing on the ultrasound and she said this usually indicates bone. How all that works out I don’t know so I’m just writing what I was told today.

Third, she could not feel the break or where the bone plates would have shifted. This means that it’s still level and perhaps even some callousing has formed to keep the fracture together. I’m hoping this means that the fracture is slight and it improves the chance he will be sound once the healing has occured.

She warned me though that this is about the time people go soft and let their horse out – only to have him re-injure. I told her not to worry; I would not be making that mistake. He’s stall bound until she okays that he can have walks. The BO has enough panels that we can make a temporary, paddock turnout around his run-in shed now converted stall when that day arrives.

Starting this week, he gets Bute once every three days. She said that was okay as long as he doesn’t loose appetite or stop drinking water. He’s just grouchy on his off days so I’m ready to start reducing Bute as it can have side effects.

Lying down is okay.

I was also worried about his hip being involved, but she said that since he is taking weight upon the leg, that the socket is sound. I figured as much as he has been doing his Ninja moves – raising up his leg until it is parallel to the ground and then stretching it out as if to touch a wall. I figured that would be next to impossible to do if that hip had been involved in this fracture.

So it’s sit and wait. Keep him comfortable. Let time heal.

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