I introduced Tiger to Little Girl today. There was no doubt in her mind that TIGER MUST DIE…Obviously, the killer instinct is right there on the surface ready to be aroused!

She was finishing her dinner, so I took the tiger (a “flag” on the end of a lunge whip) to the other side of the arena. I just casually dragged it around ignoring Little Girl. I could see out of the corner of my eye that her ears and eyes were watching it.

She finished and immediately came walking over – eyes fixated on IT. I softly dragged it in the dirt and she started trotting right after it. Within moment she was chasing it – pinning her ears – stomping on it – rearing and bucking!!

Things got pretty savage, pretty quickly – with leaps, bounds, rears and kicks!

Post-Thoughts: After hubby got kicked in the face by her two weeks ago (when she was running away and threw in a buck) I have decided that Tiger Play though enjoyable for her may need to wait awhile.

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