Mixed progress

If there is anything I do know about horses…is that things often don’t go according to plan. You can map out all these nice ideas about how you are going to approach the work, and then they throw you for a loop.

Oh how easy it would be to go roundpen her and use force. I could get a lot more done in the time I’ve got and she would be oh so obedient (on the surface).

I sure would have thought Little Girl and I would be further along. But we are plodding. Today, she really didn’t seem interested and since I’m trying – trying! – to adhere to this idea she can choose the timing, I backed off.

It’s a bit discouraging but I’ll take it one day at a time.

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1 Response to Mixed progress

  1. jonesdiary says:

    Hi – I wanted to make my first official comment on your blog (although I did a lot of catch up reading over the weekend) and say that your baby is adorable and from what you describe she’s got some sass going on but tempered with a bold unflappableness. Good for you for taking your time with her education and doing what you think is best and building that relationship even if it may not be the fastest route. We’ve got time eh? I don’t think we’re headed for the Olympic selection trials this year or anything, LOL.

    And oh yes…well laid out plans and horses just don’t seem to mix do they?

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