Lesson #4 – using the back

For some reason, I felt a bit trepidtious before arriving at the barn today. I think it was due to the weather change (temps have dropped and it’s a bit windier). Whatever the reason, I thought it would give me trouble but once I was on the horse, I was okay.

Oh well… which goes to show that fear is not a rational response whatsoever, considering we had a delivery truck, a neighbor pulling out, and pole the instructor was sitting on collapsed from under her when we had passed her – and none of this bothered me.

I wanted to sit down and re-group some of what we had worked over. I need to set a template in my mind of “this is how THAT feels” in order to replicate it. It’s not really something your brain can tell you to do; your body has to say “oh I see this is where I need to be” and that is something you can only learn while riding. Theory can be learned in the armchair by the fire reading a really good book (and it’s a worthwhile piece of the riding experience too).

Near the end I realize that my favoring my weaker side (in my case the left) is probably 50 percent or more of the problem Rock is giving me about bulging out. Damn. I really wanted to blame that on the horse!

I will need to work on moving more of those blocks from the right leg to the left (Centered Riding – Sally Swift concept), so I am sitting straighter. Especially during turns.

Another interesting discovery was the action of the INNER, BACK of the thigh. Not the outside of the thigh or the very back of the thigh, but the inner portion connecting to the saddle that is not the front of the leg. When I worked on making my back neutral, this area made more contact with the saddle, opening up the INNER, FRONT of the thigh (but the knee is still facing forward) allowing the horse to expand in front of me. Hmmmmmm

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