Lesson #6 – bracing

Rock, my lesson mount, continues to show me that I am not paying attention to every stride. I am collasping on the left shoulder and hip on the inside turn. This is my weaker side and no surprise. I will need to work on this.

She has a habit of bracing in the poll that has to be adjusted for; it’s definitely not what I’m used to and figuring out how to solve this problem has run the gamut of being frustrating (the first day) to A-Ha moments to “Oh Crap that Ain’t Right“. This challenges my attentiveness to every stride, but also the readjusting my hands, with shoulders, with hips, with legs.

I am also thinking it may be time to up her energy a bit (loosening the hips) and get her going more forward now that I’m about 70 percent positive she’ll go where I want LOL! 😀

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2 Responses to Lesson #6 – bracing

  1. jonesdiary says:

    I hear you – I am constantly reminding myself, even all these years later, that I can’t just say – oh this is a nice feeling, and coast around. Every stride is a new game. Even if sometimes it doesn’t require any active correction or help from you, the rider still has to be “on”. And certainly from my perspective – you can rarely go wrong with “forward”. I am so glad for you that the lessons are going well – must be so uplifting and fun!

  2. horseideology says:

    The lessons have been great. They have gotten me back on a schedule and back to interacting with horse people (as opposed to my hermit phase).

    It has been very frustrating at times as I know I could get more from the horse I’m riding but it’s like driving someone elses’ car. Sometimes it is a very confusing and frustrating day. Hopefully, those will become fewer and fewer… and then she’ll put me on another horse! 😛

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