Powertool Pony

When we were working on the fence, once again Pandora showed her fascination with power tools. Last weekend she wanted to check out the Circular saw; she just knew that she could do some of the work if someone would let her. You could just imagine her with a strapped on tool belt, using her mouth to flip the saw on, a hoof steadying the board…

At one of our former barns, when the owner came out to weld together a run-in shed, he was on his back during some welding, sparks flying, only to find Pandora’s nose right behind his head… “whatcha doing? Can I help?”

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2 Responses to Powertool Pony

  1. jonesdiary says:

    Hi there – your story reminded me of a quarer horse we had at the farm years ago who “helped” re-do a fence line with us. He stole the hammer twice and cantered off and dropped it in the middle of the field. Next he took off with a plastic pail of fencing nails (quite adeptly not spilling any). And he came and rested him nose on each new rail as it went up and stick his nose in each new post hole as it was dug. It provided some comic relief to the job!

  2. horseideology says:

    Some horses are so interactive with humans … others just aren’t. It’s kinda fascinating to see their personalities develop and grow.

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