My Man-Eating Mare of Diomedes

ZZ continues to be a challenge. An interesting one and I guess best that she came into my life nowadays when not much shocks, disturbs or scares me about working horses on the ground.

She will be good, minding her P’s and Q’s for a few days and then slip back to her old, dominant ways. One big issue for me is that I don’t do the feeding as we are no longer at a self-care facility. This means I have little control over the manner in which she is approached and fed. I’ve been trying to do some of the evening feeds just so I can remind her how to act and what is acceptable. I really do not want anyone getting hurt.

While working her tonight, and yesterday, I did not like the looks, the pinned ears or the aggression she was showing hubby. And it’s already been one trip for him to get stitched up because of her – even if it was an accident. She will need to learn that all humans are to be shown respect, which means bringing hubby more into the picture then he may feel comfortable about considering that she is quickly earning the sobriquet of being a Man-Eating Mare of Hercules 8th Labor lore.

After working a bit on legs, I figured I best revert back to owning the food with Taking Territory. There was much drama about – snorting, huffing, running and bucking. I mimicked her behavior back, snorting, tossing my head, trotting in response to her energy coming towards me. I owned the food, while she tore around the pasture in frustration that I wasn’t letting her just take it from me. Meanwhile, Pandora just stood at the gate getting scratched behind the ears by Hubby and basically ignoring the entire circus.

I’m not asking her to break… I’m asking her to bend.

But she has a rather stiff neck.

But so do I.

Let the games begin…

ETA: 2/24/09 fed tonight and she did excellent. No shoving into my space, interested with ears forward, and waited for my signal to approach.

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2 Responses to My Man-Eating Mare of Diomedes

  1. rosesofgrace says:

    Hello! I love reading your blog, you have such a wonderful combination of types of horsemanship, all melding to make your own. It is very encouraging to read.

    It liked hearing about how you mimicked Little Girl with some of the antics — do you think it kind of surprised her into thinking about her behavior a bit more?

    Thanks again,
    Hannah 🙂

  2. horseideology says:

    Hi Hannah – Thanks for visiting! It’s still a journey for me… definitely each horse shows me something new and keeping myself open to those lessons is so important.

    One of the interesting things with LG is that her youth means she is untouched by human training (other then some very basic things before she arrived). She has such a curiousity about people and what they are up too… OTOH I think she was surprised by the mimicking! It will be interesting to play around more with her and see what she thinks this is all about! 😀

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