Pandora wants her own pony

I asked Hubby to communicate with Pandora and ask her what she would think of getting another pony. This is because I am going to look at a pony next weekend for my daughter and she would share Pandora’s dry lot.

Pandora has had decided opinions in the past. Actually, I wasn’t sure she would tell him anything. She can be a bit contrary and really doesn’t like being told things by people.

Case in point – at one of our former barns when hubby had first tried communicating with the horses, he had asked Pandora where one of the kittens at the barn had gone. She told him that the humans had come and taken it away. When he asked her if this was true, she got in a huff and told him not to talk to her anymore if he wasn’t going to believe her. Turned out that the barn owner had come over and adopted the kitten out. Score One for Pandora.

Anyway, it was translated to me via Hubby that she would be okay with it, IF the newcomer would be subservient to HER, because she would like to have her own little pony.

WHAT!? So now I’m buying a pony for the pony!? Com’on!

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