Lesson #7 – best ride yet!

Things are clicking together and getting easier. I am not quite sure that I am sitting center – it seemed to me that I was only getting it 50-50 of the time, but Molly thought more. I think this is one of those body-deception problems you get when your mind says one thing and your body is actually doing another.

I’ve been working on my left-right unevenness on the elliptical machine. When I work out I’ve been concentrating that I am pushing down on the left side as equally as the right. I’ve also been taking my hands off the handlebars and trying to maintain an upright balance w/o any holding whatsoever for at least 5 minutes at a time.

Looking around the gym this seems easier for some then others. For instance, hubby can do it for his entire workout, as well as others I’ve watched. I, on the other hand struggle with it. Which just goes to show that I need to work even harder on maintaining my balance out of the saddle to improve my in-saddle riding.

Rode Rock bareback at a walk! AWESOME! I don’t think I’ve ridden bareback since I was like 12 or something like that.

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