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Lesson #12 – anxiety

I’ve taken to calling the place where my seat is correct, the Sweet Spot. It is going to be terribly hard to explain it all to you readers because of several reasons… Continue reading

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Horse Masters and Fur Baby Mommies

Another discussion between hubby and I was about the type of people who get involved with their horses and why they have training problems… Continue reading

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Little Girl’s training update

Though I don’t have documentation like I wanted, just a summary of how she did and what we worked on… Continue reading

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Learning Curves

I’ve had several interesting discussions with hubby and my teacher Molly, that I have been wanting to transcribe here into some sort of essay. A recent one was about teaching the intermediate rider. It’s my opinion that the beginner and … Continue reading

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Lesson #11 – switching horses

Really the benefit of posting about my lessons is more for me then any readers I suppose. I wouldn’t think they would be exciting reads either – and I try to keep them short for that purpose. I rarely even … Continue reading

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mental health in horses

There’s an obvious, real mental component to the healing of horses. For example, the horse has a need for companionship, movement, and an outdoor life. These are all important aspects of keeping a horse happy, translating to faster healing times and hopefully, recovery without … Continue reading

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Time: the best healer

Yesterday, I had an appt with Dr. Cowgirl for her to evaluate Big Guy’s readiness to be allowed into a 12×12 pen I had made with round pen panels adjoining his 12×12 stall. This would effectively double the space he … Continue reading

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