Time: the best healer

Yesterday, I had an appt with Dr. Cowgirl for her to evaluate Big Guy’s readiness to be allowed into a 12×12 pen I had made with round pen panels adjoining his 12×12 stall. This would effectively double the space he had been living in for 8 weeks.

I was eager to get him out but remembering her cautionary tale that people get way too eager and then the horse re-injures, I had not released him yet. While I was fumbling around looking for his halter, she said, “just let him out and see what he does…”

… and the gate opened…

— and he WALKED OUT —

and I swear if you didn’t know he had broken his pelvis, you would not have seen one gimpy step!


My heart leapt to the moon!

Then he had to be a smart ass and show some of his Fight Club moves – head down, snake neck, hop up the hindquarters, strike out with right hind. I don’t call them Ninja Moves (like pony can do) as they are not very subtle, nor in any way graceful.


His eyes suddenly lit up from inside, shiny and fiery.

His nostrils flared to the size of my fist.

Now he could see his Girl.

He could check out the two new horses who had arrived in the next pasture.

He was one with the group again, and the sun, and the wind, and the smells.


Driving back home I almost started crying, I was so happy.


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