Lesson #11 – switching horses

Really the benefit of posting about my lessons is more for me then any readers I suppose. I wouldn’t think they would be exciting reads either – and I try to keep them short for that purpose. I rarely even talk to hubby about what I’m up to in lessons.

Yesterday, near the end of my lesson we switched from my usual lesson horse, Rock, to Muffin. Physically, Muffin has a much different build then Rock. It felt more like Beautiful Boy in some aspect because of his more narrow rib cage and it’s not a build I feel real comfortable with.

This type of build threw me on my own “forehand”; I felt that I was far too forward on my pubic bone instead of on the back of those inner thighs that I had discovered in an earlier lesson. This changed my entire balance in the saddle and until I got it straightened out, I was definitely in trouble.

It will continue to be a good thing to keep reassessing and changing from horse to horse so I have to make a conscious decision to change my own body in response.

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4 Responses to Lesson #11 – switching horses

  1. rosesofgrace says:

    I liked what you said about riding on your inner thighs — did you post about that somewhere else? (I may just have missed it. 🙂 ) If you didn’t, would you mind explaining it a bit more? Thanks!

  2. horseideology says:

    Hi Roses –

    I did post about it earlier – briefly –

    It’s a bit hard to explain but I’ll try. In some of my previous dressage lessons by some high level people I think they brought me too far forward on my front inner thigh and the pubic bone (more noticeable in us girls I think).

    Whereas I’m finding that there is more balance in the back of the INNER thigh – not to be confused witha chair seat. I do have some video of me riding that the instructor took; she has it on her computer… I hesitate to post it though as the Internet seems to be a place for the armchair trainers to bash others, so if I do I’ll make it for friends only.

  3. rosesofgrace says:

    Thank you for the information! I’m going to look at the link you provided now. I, too, have struggled with trying to find the correct seat — forward? back? legs where? back how arched? and so on.

    I completely understand about the video. If you ever get it up, I’d love to see, but don’t worry if not — it’s not worth getting criticized over unnecessarily. That’s no fun at all.

  4. horseideology says:

    Hi Roses

    I will try to post more about this over the next few weeks… I do think it gets to a point where the HORSE has to be the one who says – by giving better movement – that this is where your body as a seat needs to be.

    The reality is that trainers/instructors are very confused and give conflicting info. It becomes very disheartening as a student. JMO

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