Little Girl’s training update

Standing still while being groomed. This I do in a halter and Zephyr Lead. When she stands still she gets a Click-Treat (CT). I’ve been doing this on and off; actually she had a poor day with it yesterday and took a while to calm down. Which was actually good because her restlessness was caused by her pony friend who had been moved away from… added distraction!

My eventual goal as it is with all my horses is that the horse stands still without restraint¬†to be groomed. Once she stands consistently still, I’ll add the spray bottle.

Saddle Pad. She has really very little fear and was targeting it and letting it be thrown over her head within minutes.

The behavior I was looking for was standing still, which after working on it earlier for grooming she caught on quickly enough. I also slid the pad on and off, over her ticklish hindquarters and let it slide off to the ground.

If this had been Beautiful Boy, just the act of handing the saddle pad over the fence would have sent him screaming in fear from the paddock -and he was FOURTEEN YEARS OLD! Little Girl has such an easy going temperament she will be trained to ride easily.

I’ll be adding some sort of belly pressure and a girth later this week.

Feet. Continue to work on signaling her to move a specific foot either forward or back. She will already follow me or back up with little signal/pressure.

Passing through gates. Sometimes LG balks when she is halfway through a gate. That has improved a lot with just consistent work yet still remains an unpredictable problem.

What was really obvious to me is she still has a baby’s concentration. Although she was eager to learn,¬†her concentration lagged after about 30 minutes, so I gave her break, played with pony, and then came back for another mini-lesson.

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