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The Student’s (Horse) Attitude

If you were teaching, what child would you want? The child who, when you show up, gives a big sigh, slowly pulls out his schoolbooks, and then finds a million excuses (i.e. going to the bathroom, sharpening the pencil, needing … Continue reading

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Dealing with Apathetic Horses

I’ve come to believe that the very first step in a training program with the horse is to instill a curiousity. Since horses are naturally curious animals this should be an easy prospect however, not so fast. Here are some … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Horse Meditation

Like I had written in an earlier post in this series, trainers who have success have an intent focus on the horse during the training process. This mindfulness – awareness of the moment – translates to the horse who reciprocates with full attention. The two of you synch and the dancing magic begins…. Continue reading

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Lesson #14: the frustration tunnel

What an exhausting day! After all my blowhard posts about how I’m learning by accepting the process it all started with frustration. Frustration is all a part of the process of learning. For me frustration happens when I’m not getting “it.” … Continue reading

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My thoughts on my riding lessons

When we are learning to ride, it’s a linear approach. There are certain skills the beginner needs to know – bridling, saddling, grooming the horse, the aids and it’s application. During this time, we are learning the basics of our … Continue reading

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Fancy Footwork

How this is interesting (from an academic viewpoint) is that if she leans into, instead of lightening, it will translate into her other work such as turns and lateral being difficult. Without any riding experience, she is already developing bracing. Continue reading

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a dream of hope

I woke up from a very real dream of Dear One. It wasn’t based on anything that has happened for us – she was at a strange place and I reached over the gate to remove her halter. The dream’s reality was … Continue reading

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