Lesson #13 Bit changes

I ended up taking about 10 days off from lessons and horses. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I have to take a step back and regroup. Those 10 days I spent cleaning house, selling furniture as we are downsizing, trashing clutter and organizing what was left, and attempting to clear out the garage etc…

However, yesterday I was able to get over to Molly’s and enjoy some wonderful weather with Rock and the gang.

I think what surprised me the most was the trot work. I wasn’t expecting Rock to be so energetic (she hasn’t been) and that, as well as being off, threw off my game. I kept having to mentally remind myself to let go and let her trot around like this without getting worked up about the loss of “control” of her speed. That was hard but it was good to work through it.

We were playing with a new bit too and that was an interesting adventure. It goes to show how much a horse will react to just a change we might consider minor.

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