Out and about

Yesterday, I took Big Guy out and let him go off lead for an hour. It was a risk and I have to admit that it put my heart in my mouth a few times.

Before I go further, I know people have looked back on Big Guy’s pelvis fracture, so I don’t know that I would recommend doing this – releasing a horse this early to open pasture – unless you really, really know your horse. For example, when I was Barn Manager, I had a couple of horses that could be pretty dangerous to themselves when finally released and that was just on overnight stall rest! đŸ˜€

However, what I know about Big Guy is that he hasn’t had grass being penned up so that would offer a mighty temptation, he can be a sensible horse, and when he plays he does race a ran around a bit then essentially gives up because at heart he’s the laziest Thoroughbred you would ever meet. I’ve also been taking him on hour long walks on the lead so he wasn’t just released from the paddock with no other outside exercise.

He did race around some – a bit of prancing to Little Girl to tell her that he was a guy and always available, and then a long, slow race gallop around the pasture to reconniter and make sure nothing had changed. A good roll in grass felt good too.

I noticed a bit of hitch in his canter, but he looked damn good for someone who had a pelvis fracture a few months back.

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