a dream of hope

I woke up from a very real dream of Dear One. It wasn’t based on anything that has happened for us – she was at a strange place and I reached over the gate to remove her halter. The dream’s reality was in the touch of her coat, the shape of her head, the way she moved….

I think it was a sign that Big Guy is going to be just fine.

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11 Responses to a dream of hope

  1. I’ll bet he is–you are a good manager.

  2. horseideology says:

    Thanks 🙂 Although I have not been the best horse mommy this month. I could be doing more for them all; thankfully they love me even with all my flaws.

  3. the best part of life with animals is the unconditional love.

  4. horseideology says:

    Yes I think you have been reading my mind…

    Second best part is that they say what they mean -no people baloney, machinations, or agendas.

  5. It’s too bad honest people only come with fur on.

  6. horseideology says:

    And people wonder why horses and other animals hold an irresistable attraction… no mystery there 🙂

  7. Animals are truly the most amazing of the planet’s beings. Without the ability to form judgments and to create the barrier of discursive thought and ego, they are role models for everyone who wishes to attain true mindfulness and immediate contact with reality.

  8. horseideology says:

    Yes, I’ve been following your journal entries about mindfulness… your postings about this was the first thing that attracted me to your journal. Animals have an amazing ability for mindfulness; it’s one of the difficulties we have in understanding them – that total focus that can be given at any time to one thing.
    Not having an ego I think is one key to allowing that ability. Living in the here and now, without thought of shoulds or musts.

  9. I’m so glad that it didn’t put you off. I know I lose readers with what they think of as mumbo jumbo. That’s too bad.

    If we could learn to adopt the presence, the non-judgmental awareness of animals (rather than the mistaken ethology people are using now), we wouldn’t need to train them. They would train US!

    There are a lot of brilliant websites and books out there if you are interested in mindfulness meditation or learning about awareness in general.

  10. horseideology says:

    Thanks – 🙂 I am actually using my riding lessons for like a riding meditation (had planned on writing about that aspect some time this week). I’ll try to explain a little more history about myself and my interest in this path then.

    There are tons of blogs about “what I did with my horsie” etc… LOL – I guess mine contribues to that – but your blog is unique. Keep to what speaks to your heart and those that need to hear it will find you.

  11. I’m really looking forward to reading about that!

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