My thoughts on my riding lessons

When we are learning to ride, it’s a linear approach. There are certain skills the beginner needs to know – bridling, saddling, grooming the horse, the aids and it’s application. During this time, we are learning the basics of our seat and matching our rhythm to the horse.

As time passes and our skills improve, the refinement of aids and seat, and building steering on the part of the rider becomes the focus. Perhaps the rider decides to pursue a specific style of riding or sport – such as jumping etc.. and that too becomes part of what the rider is attempting to learn.

Nowadays, for me, learning to ride in it’s traditional sense is no longer of interest to me.

Learning to ride as taught by the horse is of paramount interest to me.

And how do I plan on going about that? My mind has plenty of linear knowledge; I wanted someone who could help me in an organic fashion – growing the direction of the moment with the feedback I would need to fulfill my understanding.

By Organic, I mean formless (uncarved block), without direction, and not pre-determined; Mindfulness – living in the moment, and awareness without the need for labeling or judging what I’m seeing, feeling or doing.

Think of it as having a Translator – so even though someone is helping me in understanding the linguistics, it is the horse that is talking.

Since I am a very goal driven person who lives with lists, organization and “just the facts” to stretch myself, I need an environment that expands my horizons a different way:

Because I rationalize

—– be open and accepting without labeling and categorizing.

Because I over think what I’m doing

—– lessen the thought turmoil with concentrating on sensations and responses from the horse.

Because I want to control

—–  let go of control and gain trust in existing.

I have faith in the horse to show me these things.

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