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Out and about

Yesterday, I took Big Guy out and let him go off lead for an hour. It was a risk and I have to admit that it put my heart in my mouth a few times. Before I go further, I … Continue reading

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Lesson #13 Bit changes

However, yesterday I was able to get over to Molly’s and enjoy some wonderful weather with Rock and the gang. Continue reading

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Barn Management: Colic – how serious is it?

However, how do I know that a colic is life-threatening? When should I really be hitting that Big Red Panic Button? Continue reading

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CSI: Silver Maple

I’ve had Pandora longer then any of my current horses. In 7 years she has never colicked until now. That’s strange. And it gets even stranger… Continue reading

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Wrong Road

I saw a sign today that read: “if everything is headed your way, you are driving down the wrong way!” Interesting huh? Oh life provides those signs… Anyway, Pandora colicked this morning. She is doing fine now but I am … Continue reading

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