Training Little Girl update

Looking back over Little Girls’ progress, what I’ve been most pleased with is an increase in respect from her. Although she can still pin her ears and get a nasty look on her face, as well as get too close too me in a pushing way, she has really improved on her manners. I wouldn’t go as far as to say she is kid-safe but she might be close to being husband-safe. 😀

A new thing I’m trying is working both her and Pandora together in the alley that runs between the paddocks. At the end of the alley are gates shutting it off from the rest of the property; the alley is also graveled since it is used as a road so it gives some benefit to toughening up the hooves. I like working the young horse on this long straight line as opposed to a circle – where repeated torque can do damage to growing bones.

While we were working on Little Girl’s walk to trot commands, I could tell she was just getting a bit fed up and pissy about it all. At one point, she took off at a canter with a bit of a kick behind so I just let her go. After all we were working without tack and if she wanted to quit that was okay.

As soon as Little Girl left, Pandora turned and trotted over to me – MY TURN!! so we did a few little commands – her new front stretch crunch that I’m shaping with the clicker, as well as her walking and trotting by my side, which I’m always reinforcing as well as her coming to me at a trot when I’m trotting backwards from her.

Before we had a chance to do much, ZZ had circled back and was like WT? why is she getting MY TRAINING?!!? LOL!

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