Today showed clearly why I don’t think Clicker Training is the Supreme Training Tool of the Universe even though I use it extensively.

I needed to get pony off her limited grass and back to her dry lot. Well, that’s not fun for her, is it? Usually, we do some clicker training to work her down the lane, but today I wasn’t going to do it as I would need to drop everything and get my stuff – way inconvenient.

Asked her to follow me. Nope. Nothing doing. Until you have a pony that doesn’t move you have not experienced life’s full frustration.

This is why ponies are often abused. It’s why mild-mannered trainers like me want to pull their hair out, jump up and down screaming and waving a rope over the pony’s butt.

It’s why I am thinking of forming a training center where people are forced to work with ponies. They would get a real wake up call and learn lots of stuff… or maybe I’m just plan sadistic and want to laugh hysterically on the sidelines while people try to get their ponies to do something the pony has no intention of Ever Doing in It’s Entire LIFE!?

Okay, I back up. Nope. I try asking her to bend. She does but doesn’t come forward.

I walk backwards to the length of the leadrope and crouch down. I am now at her eye level. She tries to eat. I don’t allow that. Then she starts to fall asleep. oh brother. So it takes five full minutes but she decides if she can’t eat then okay she will come to me. No further though.

I walk backwards, crouch, wait. Another five minutes, my feet are falling asleep and she finally ambles over but no further.

We did this all about half way down the alley before she decided okay, I’ll come along. UGH.

And that is why, clicker training, though it’s a great TOOL and can really get you somewhere it’s not all that ends all. Sometimes you find a pony that is just too clever.

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