Big Guy’s horse massage

Luckily, the weather was great yesterday as I had scheduled Big Guy for a massage. I am concerned about what effect the injury and the stall rest may have had on his body so the first step was to get some ideas on how to relax his muscles and check for any knots or tension.

Big Guy has never really liked a lot of touch so I was concerned on how he would handle it, especially has he has been off his InflammaSaver this last month. He is especially touchey about his shoulders and withers. I think his body structure with his straight shoulder puts a lot of pounding on his front end.

In the beginning, he was a bit concerned. Here his eye (slightly wrinkled above) and ears (opposite directions)  tell that he’s a bit worried about it all. Will it hurt?


You can see here (below) that his shoulders are a bit of concern. His eye has an in drawn expression, listening to his body, while his ears show he is listening but also conflicted – as they can pin easily if he feels too much pain.

Before a knot can be worked out, sometimes you feel pain before the release; it really takes an experience person who can listen to the horse as to how much is truly acceptable and not to take it too far in intensity, direction and/or pressure.

I was pleasantly surprised at how accepting he was to having his back worked. Obviously, not big concerns there for me to worry about other then the tenderness he often has at his withers. His eye shows he is still listening to touch of the massage therapist but his ears forward and slightly turned head to watch her, shows he is more comfortable now.


As usual he is relaxed and happy to have his butt worked…

Wow! I was very surprised at how well he did and his acceptance. I’m not ready for him to have chiropractic work again for another few months, but I do feel it’s time to start thinking about putting him into some structured – but gentle – exercise.

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