Moments of Joy

Earlier this week, while I was doing my chores I had let Little Girl and Pandora out to the alley. This alley is gated at both ends and allows them to talk over the fence to their Arabian friend, Raja.

Z and Raja at 3hf

Little Girl finds him a like-minded soul who is more willing to play games then the Old Man (aka Big Guy). Last week during some play I saw Raja rear to Black Stallion height and thought *gulp*. 😛

While they were coming down the alley side by side, separated only by the fence, she took a nicely, self-carrying trot which bounded in a lovely round canter that made my heart go thumpety-thump. I haven’t felt that way since Dear One’s passing – as Dear One moved always in Elegant Beauty.

Today, when I went out to Share Territory in the pasture with LG and BG for about half an hour; they weren’t very interested. I said Hello, stayed a bit more, said Hello and then headed off to chores. I came back and Big Guy ambled over. I put some medicine on a healing boo-boo on his nose, gave him a carrot, did his fly spray, did his side-to-side stretches with carrots. We hung for a while then he ambled off.

I went and did Little Girl’s fly spray and Big Guy decided he needed to do some supervising (which didn’t make it easy as LG decided he was trying to push her away, then I was trying to approach to fly spray, etc…) Afterwards, I retreated to a shade tree to watch again and Share Territory.

This time Big Guy ambled back over to me. He decided that even though he had lush grass all around him he needed to stand over me eating the leaves off this particular tree. We must have stood there together for another 20 minutes, occasionally he would drop his nose to me and let me have a sniff before going back to his leaves. Or I would tear off some leaves and feed them to him.

My head was under his. We breathed in and out together, peacefully, attuned and open to each other like the two old friends being together with no need for talk.

A Waking Daydream of Mutual Accord.

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