Spanish Walk

I hadn’t given much thought to teaching any of the horses the Spanish Walk, however, after listening to Phillipe Karl on his dvd’s discuss how the Spanish Walk frees up the horses’ shoulders and is a stepping stone to Piaffe, I thought what the heck…!

Let me explain – Pandora – the pony – is The Little Experiment (Big Guy is the Big Experiment, and Little Girl is the Grand Experiment). I often try things out with her because she is extremly driven to do STUFF.  When I went out yesterday to separate horses it was obvious she wanted to LEARN SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!


Since Pandora LOVES TO PAW… I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to teach her to raise her legs in reaction to mine. In the first session she was already lifting on command and starting to alternate! Have I mentioned that she is Super Smart?

I’ll continue to refine it so she lifts to have her hooves held vs. lifts to hold them out, and then work towards it being a step forward, with alternate raised legs. Probably the only horse around here who will know anything that is truly the Airs Above the Ground (remember she did do a Capriole in the pasture!) will be the pony!

Here is the second session of leg lifts with the eventual goal being the Spanish Walk. There are some funny segments with Little Girl who at first wanted nothing to do with me but then was terribly pesky about wanting to be the center of attention:

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