We have always had a working relationship, however, after his illness, it seems to have deepened.

A few weeks back I had gone out and spent time with him when he came over and hung out with me under a tree, eating leaves. I savor those moments when he chooses to be with me because I know he is not a touchey-feeley horse that is overly demonstrative or clinging.

He has a natural reserve towards people and takes a while to get to know. He has been difficult for his riders, and often receives (IMO unfairly) some negativity that was undeserved.

When the weather wasn’t too lousy I would spend some time sitting in his stall with him when he was on his Jan-Feb-Mar stall rest. Lately, I’ve been sitting out in the pasture with him, even though at times he didn’t come over, he might move to graze close by before moving off again.

Of all my horses I find him the hardest horse to place in Hemplfings What Horses’ Reveal horse types. I have often thought about paying the money and having Hempfling review Big Guy and let me know because it puzzles me so much.

Today, when I entered his field, he noticed me and started to amble over. He ended up walking the entire length of the pasture to be with me which was very touching as I don’t know that his physical therapy of walking 20 minutes a day is a trip in the park for someone who has broken their pelvis.

I gave him a Zig Zag TTouch when he really loved (surprised me!), and then did some hindquarter double fist knuckle message and worked the inside of his hind thigh before we did his arena work, and ending with a walk down the road to brighten his eye and widen his nostrils.

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5 Responses to sweetie

  1. This is a nice portrait of the relationship between the two of you.

    WOuld you believe I am STILL WAITING for info on what to do for a hip fracture? I am so disappointed in the community. Linda has been overwhelmed with work and is still on the road, so she can’t answer. No one on the boards has even tried. Robyn Hood (Linda’s sister) asked me if I’d gotten any feedback, and I told her no I hadn’t, and she hasn’t answered me yet, either, so I’m stumped.

    Phooey. Sorry to let you down.

    • horseideology says:

      Ah Kim don’t worry about it. You did not let me down. I have attended a TTeam weeklong workshop (two years ago) and hope to go to the GA workshop this year. I also have her videos and some of her books.

      I have looked into bone building or injury supplements that might help – nada. It’s frustrating but I just don’t think there is much that can be done except time.

  2. When I say I’m going to do something, I mean it. I’m still hoping, and nagging…Heaven help them! πŸ™‚

    • horseideology says:

      Well I just don’t want you to personally worry; maybe they should worry and that is okay πŸ˜›

  3. They all call me the TERRIER at the office in Santa Fe. I wonder why???? πŸ™‚

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