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Moments of Joy

Earlier this week, while I was doing my chores I had let Little Girl and Pandora out to the alley. This alley is gated at both ends and allows them to talk over the fence to their Arabian friend, Raja. Little … Continue reading

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Lesson #15: getting back

Two weeks off – one due to rain and the other due to an out-of-town trip so it was great to get back to a lesson today. For whatever reason, I felt really comfortable and it went along very well … Continue reading

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Big Guy’s horse massage

Luckily, the weather was great yesterday as I had scheduled Big Guy for a massage. I am concerned about what effect the injury and the stall rest may have had on his body so the first step was to get … Continue reading

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wait for it…

Watching the videos I took over the weekend, I”m seeing that I still need to have more patience and wait for the horse to give it to me. Right about the time I’m giving up the horse gives me what … Continue reading

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Today showed clearly why I don’t think Clicker Training is the Supreme Training Tool of the Universe even though I use it extensively. I needed to get pony off her limited grass and back to her dry lot. Well, that’s not … Continue reading

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Training Little Girl update

Looking back over Little Girls’ progress, what I’ve been most pleased with is an increase in respect from her. Although she can still pin her ears and get a nasty look on her face, as well as get too close too … Continue reading

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First Steps in Forming a Relationship with your Horse

But if you can change things where your horse comes to you, you will be amazed at how this first small step begins the changes in the bond between the two of you. Continue reading

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