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general training updates on BG and LG

I took BG on his 30 minute exercise walk. Either all the changes and excitement at the barn have gotten him more animated, or he is feeling better. Hopefully, it’s a bit of both. We went out the upper gate … Continue reading

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Combining Training Methods to Walk Z

Today, I decided I would test ZZ and take her the same route as Big Guy a few days back (which is down the lane, along the busy road, down into the dead end street of the neighborhood and then … Continue reading

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Removing ticks from a horses’ ear

When Hubby took the Gigantic Swollen Tick out of ZZ’s ear, I could tell there were more critters in there. The problem was that she was now never, ever going to let anyone grab a huge, blood sucking tick out … Continue reading

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Wiped Out

I figured I would work ZZ first in the big arena. She sniffed around, then went to her knees to roll – then laid there! She was tooooo tired to work! Yesterday must have worn her out as much as … Continue reading

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more hissy fits

ZZ has reverted to some of her favorite tactics: while following, weaving about not paying attention to your location; and stopping like a rock and refusing to follow or move. After watching Hempflings’ Coming Together it’s quite clear that though … Continue reading

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