Fixations and obessions

Although I hesitate to attribute human emotions and motivations to a horse (anthromorphism), I am scratching my head over ZZ. My only conclusion is that she can be a possessive, jealous horse that goes through temper tantrums.

She is prime Diva material.

Twice this week, upon being let into pasture with BG she has turned her hindquarters to him, jammed him and then proceeded to try to pound him. Luckily, I was quick enough and BG able enough, to elude actual collision. With his injury I don’t know if she thinks it’s time to try to take the leader position but trust me in that she does not have the wisdom and neither would it be good for her.

Considering BG’s recovering from his pelvis fracture this behavior will not, and can not, be tolerated.

In discussion with the BO I found out that she has strongly attached to another horse on the other side of the pasture. When I return her (pastures being sprayed), I will be flipping who is in what pasture to eliminate that possessive bonding.

You may remember her fixation on the ball? Last week, when I worked another horse first, she threw a horrible temper tantrum in the pasture, not because she wanted to be with BG but because she wanted MY ATTENTION! This was clear because as soon as I moved her out of the paddock, she was happy to be with me, and didn’t pay any attention to where BG or Pandora was.

With Dear One I had a horse who wanted to be my number one horse… but she didn’t try to take anyone down!

When I released her to the big pasture she went off to the far end of the 6 acre field and “pouted.” This was because after her rebellious behavior with BG, I released him to the big pasture and kept her back for a couple of hours until she calmed down (all the horses know that being moved to the back pasture for more grass is part of my routine now).

Cleaning up and reading through the last year entries of this journal I can clearly see the progress she is making. I do believe we can make it through these terrible twos… Clearly though she’s exhausting and draining to both the horses and me.

A timely article I just found….

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