evolving waves

After yesterdays frustration with ZZ, today I had a great day with her with our leading exercises. Which reminds me of my own children during their very young years: often an advancement in skills or abilities, was accompanied by emotional storms. Just a reminder to myself to be patient and keep at it – consistency is the key to shaping her.

We went down the old grass road with Big Guy following us in the field. This portion of the road runs parallel to the back pasture and even though the horses have been there off and on, suddenly going down the road made everything so interesting and new! silly horses!

However, what I was very pleased about was that she kept her parallel walking about 80-90 percent of the time and rarely wandered into my space, pushing into me. Once I got her to move off her shoulder and I will continue to experiment with that.

Then we went north on the road which turns to gravel and leads to the front of the property that opens (if you go through the gate) to the main, paved road. Coming back down this road, returning to the barn, always puts a quickness in her step which I actually like. This stretching out walk is the one I would like to develop.

We also did the water training which at this point is me simply turning on the hose, holding her and letting the horse spray on the grass around her front, sides, and hindquarters – I was even able to spray some of her hooves and fetlocks!

She is obviously still not completely comfortable with this, however, she showed much more interest (and less reactionary flight) to the water and was more comfortable with approaching me and the hose as evident that I could actually turn the pump on and off! LOL!

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