Lesson #18 – irritation

I’m behind on posting about my lesson, time has been getting away from me this week.

The funniest part was when Molly mentioned in a contemplative tone, “I ask myself what why B is here and what she can teach me when she irritates me.” ROFL! Of course, I’m not the one irritating! It’s always someone else~! That really tickled me as I never thought that my stubborness might be as irritating as Molly’s insistence that I change be. heehee

Worked Muffin at Liberty. Rode Rock and later, Muffin. Lunge work is good for getting me to sit taller and look ahead instead of down. I’ve been feeling a better comfort level with both horses.

Rode Muffin in the jump saddle, rather awkward but that is okay. Mostly, I’m very happy with the feeling of acceptance and no fear at this point.

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