This last year and the next are all about explorations – exploring the psychology of the horse, and how I interface with them through my training. It means putting myself out there, making mistakes, frustrations of things not turning out quite like I expected, having to look under a microscope at things I may not want to see, and dealing with people who don’t quite get it.

Like other explorers before me, others may think I’ve lost my mind – the Village Idiot and a Fool. If they are charitable, they might say I’m misguided.

Yes, I’ve posted videos on YouTube that did not show everything being done perfectly. Yes, I know what an edit tool is on my video software and amazingly enough, know exactly how professional dvd’s are edited to make sure that no problems are shown while the Expert Horse Trainer Transforms the Horse though his/her Amazing Technique ($399 for induction to my Amazing Technique etc…)

Perhaps better then you I understand how little truth is in the reality of what you read and view. I have a degree in journalism and worked in the media for years. Don’t explain to me about Public Relations and making the Spin; I’ve done it.

Yes, I’ve done things with my horses that didn’t quite give me the result I wanted. The biggest is/was dealing with ZZ’s dominance. I wanted to go the complete no-pressure, gentle path with her but as the last six months have shown that isn’t going to work.

Yeah, I’m being honest and upfront about it… I guess what is the most amazing is how uncomfortable that honesty has been for people!

Oh but how that honesty has polarized people: either I don’t know what I’m doing; or I’m a failure for not going all gentle; or my core energy must have been born within me at a very weak level. LOL! Oh my. Sometimes you just have to snort milk out of your nose at what people believe.

My failures are deliberate. My showing those failures here are deliberate. My delving into ideas, writing my essays that philsophize about meanings that seem self evident but really arent, is deliberate.

I am halfway through my life on this planet – sometimes Windmills need to be tilted at.

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