general training updates on BG and LG

I took BG on his 30 minute exercise walk. Either all the changes and excitement at the barn have gotten him more animated, or he is feeling better. Hopefully, it’s a bit of both. We went out the upper gate and then the road gate, down through the neighborhood, and back again for a bath.

At the bathing area, LG came up on the other side to watch. Halfway through I sprayed the hose through the fence and she stood still, letting the water on her legs and chest! Wow! Since she was completely free of restraint she could have left at any time. I think she is starting to understand, and the triple digit heat is helping, that getting hosed down isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When I took her out for her time with the hose, she stood much better letting me spray her underbelly, ribs and middle back. Though she is still antsy about having her hindquarters done. She definitely doesn’t like having her back legs, especially the left, sprayed with water.

We are well on our way of getting our training checklist for the summer completed… Because of the heat and wanting her to get bigger, I’m going to start her saddle work in September. By that time the kids will be in school, the temps cooler and I can work her with the light, pony saddle and the sidepull I will have bought by then.

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