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conniption fit

So funny this morning. When I was getting Big Guy out of his pasture, and letting Pandora to the alley, ZZ was racing up and down the fence obviously pissed off she was Not First! When she came around a … Continue reading

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Lesson #18 – irritation

I’m behind on posting about my lesson, time has been getting away from me this week. The funniest part was when Molly mentioned in a contemplative tone, “I ask myself what why B is here and what she can teach … Continue reading

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Protected: CRIC: Saying Hello and Reciprocal Movement

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Dealing with Spooks and Inattention

How this played out is that she would bow away from the scary place, pushing her shoulder into me, while keeping an eye out for more bogeyman. This body position allows a sideways escape plan from Scary Thing. This tells … Continue reading

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Protected: non-believer (4FR)

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Experimenting at the Walk

I am trying to be more creative with the work that I am doing with Big Guy. It’s rather hard because it all needs to be done at a walk and he’s still building himself back from his injury (pelvis … Continue reading

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evolving waves

After yesterdays frustration with ZZ, today I had a great day with her with our leading exercises. Which reminds me of my own children during their very young years: often an advancement in skills or abilities, was accompanied by emotional … Continue reading

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