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Being Ridiculous

Looking for some other information I came across this today… “Ethnomethodologists have often noted the blank, glassy stares and strange states produced by violating peoples’ expectations – by, for example, getting into an elevator and facing the other people in … Continue reading

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using poles and cavaletti for horse rehabilitation

Horses have their own comfort zones and habits they revert too when uncertain or worried. With Big Guy, he exhibited that yesterday with his antsy behavior around the mounting block and his duck / bow / run behavior. He was … Continue reading

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Building back (first ride since the fracture)

First ride on Big Guy in probably over a year. He’s been on rest for 7 months since the pelvis fracture and the three months before that we were in a temporary boarding situation that did not have a safe … Continue reading

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vet visit for the horse gang

I’ve gotten the okay from the vet to step up BG’s workout. I can take him over ground poles to strengthen the obviously, lax and weak hindquarters. There is still no guarantee he will be sound enough to ride and … Continue reading

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Pony gets the c(l)ue!

Something I forgot to post about today – I think Pandora has figured out that I want her to lie down! We did some arena work. To get there I had to go into the field where Caspian is temporarily. … Continue reading

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