Nice day, bit cooler. I moved Big Guy to the arena to do some work. He decided to pace the fence looking for LG. So that gave me his 30 minutes of exercise while I sat on the mounting block waiting for him to calm down. Oh Brother.

Moved him out to adjoining Pasture and brought Little Girl over to arena. She rolled and let me give her some good scratches. She decided I needed to be groomed too and nosed my head while I used my nails to really give her a good scratch. Left her in the pasture, moved Big Guy back to his paddock.

Let Pandora out to the main area (which I’ve never done) and Lots of Excitement! Everyone decided that A PRISONER HAD ESCAPED! so the horses all started neighing and running about telling Pandora to enjoy her freedom from the Humans! ROFLMAO!!

At the end of the day, moved LG back to the alley where she decided to race around crazy; brought Pandora back who decided to take off and run around like she too was an Arabian; and more Hi-jinks ensued between my group and the other Arabian who boards here.

To say that I did not have to “exercise” anyone is an understatement. Make it 10 degrees cooler and you would think the whole world changed… Oh Brother

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