I can’t say goodbye to Pandora

In one of the messages from a local horse board I follow, someone wanted a mini to be a companion to their mini. It sounds like she would be a great choice for a home for Pandora.

I keep thinking I will re-home her because trying to keep a pony when you are boarding is a big pain in the neck. Most facilities are not set up for dry lotting ponies and if they are they want to charge me full board for a pony that eats one flake of hay a day! Because of her potential for founder, I have to keep a careful eye on her turnout, weight and feed.

OTOH, she is now the horse I have owned the longest. I spend probably more time with her then my own horses, and we share something special in how we communicate to each other.

I have to admit, even though she is liability to my freedom of movement,  that I will not let Pandora go.

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