The benefit of videotaping

I am very glad that I am videotaping ZZ’s progress. As I told someone today, yes it was time for her Baby Memories videotaping session. Today, we had our third saddle fitting and walking session, grooming while being tied (added distraction with another horse being tied so that was good), and bathing.

Without the videotaping I think I would be using revisionist history saying that she was never that bad, or we haven’t gotten much done etc… The videotaping also helps me see things I am doing wrong, need to improve or change, including reactions of ZZ which I can slow down and see why they happened and when during our sequence.

What is most interesting is the time frame difference between my brain and reality. During the event, I feel that time seems to SLOW DOWN and I think “this is taking forever!” but watching the videotaping, for example todays bathing session, shows how inaccurate my timesense is. During the bathing, I thought, “hm we haven’t improved much and she is still being overeactive” but then I saw the video and within five minutes she had calmed down and was accepting the water without issue. She also accepted it on her back legs, hips and butt better then I have ever seen.

The videotape of her walking under saddle, she is doing excellent on her lead work. Again, the best I’ve ever seen her do but during the event I don’t think that was even crossing my mind.

I’ve never had the luxury of being videotaped so much. I am letting hubby do it on weekends so he can catch me up on how the horses are developing and what I need to improve on my own end. It has been a really great investment ($175 from Craigslist) and my best “lesson” investment.

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