Pony gets the c(l)ue!

Something I forgot to post about today – I think Pandora has figured out that I want her to lie down!

We did some arena work. To get there I had to go into the field where Caspian is temporarily. All of his 16.2 h. pranced over! He was so happy to see her! Pandora turned her butt and said, “look buddy, I’m 39″ of total horse-butt-kicking power so watch your familiarity!”

In the arena we played several games. It got a bit wild and she ended up kicking me in the thumb – not on purpose – the play was just too rambunctious and that is why I have dropped playing games such as Tiger with her or ZZ. Too much potential for injury…

Anyway, at one point I pawed the ground, circled and squatted. Hm? She thought I wanted her to paw but I stayed down and then down she went! LOL

Then she decided she would just keep going down, down, and down again for treats. It got rather out of hand so I changed the game and she wasn’t too happy with me. Laying down was much more less work then playing “Go*Come”.

Funny day with Pandora.

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