vet visit for the horse gang

I’ve gotten the okay from the vet to step up BG’s workout. I can take him over ground poles to strengthen the obviously, lax and weak hindquarters. There is still no guarantee he will be sound enough to ride and the waiting game continues. However, I feel easier in my mind since Dr. Cowgirl has given her opinion which just happens to synch with my own – increase exercise, see how he does.

I was also correct that ZZ needed some work on her teeth. Apparently the baby teeth are now gone and the new emerging teeth are a bit too pointy. She got drugged for that and almost collasped in a heap. Definitely did not want to move and it took both of us pulling and pushing to get the “drunk” 3 year old back to a safe paddock.

This was her first dental work and I thought she did awesome. Dr. Cowgirl wanted to look at them again in 6 months and then it will be a yearly exam unless another problem presents itself.

Both the horses have had some sort of ear crap; I have never seen this before so didn’t know if it was flies or the ticks – turns out it’s mites and lice! EWWWWWW. I am to clean out the ears with a cotton ball of rubbing alcohol then treat.

On ZZ’s over-the-top itching which has progressed to her biting the flesh off her legs, I am to put her on an antihistamine, which was what I also had figured would be the result.

Although, there are still no answers on the eventual outcome of BG, I feel better knowing she has looked it over and didn’t feel we were way off track on what he is doing. However, if by December 2009, he is not well on his way to being riding sound for light workouts, I will look to retiring him to Ohio in the Spring 2010 with Nancy.

Just the waiting game… a game I’m never good at.

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