first chiropractor visit since fracture


Yesterday, I had an appt for Big Guy to meet this new chiropractor. She is coming through our area once a month in connection with a partnership with a local animal supply store. I had not met her but had read her website and because our local equine chiropractors won’t do a farm call, I decided it was time for BG to have more physical therapy on his quest to get well.

I was having a bit of a fit about it all because of a situation at the barn, and I was concerned that her work would be interrupted with other people who might want to yak during BG’s appt. Luckily, none of what I was worried about happened as we were on our own at the barn except for the BO coming through to grab some feed.

I have to say I am completely wowed by this lady. As soon as I met her I could just feel some good vibes. That is not something usual with me.


Next, she watched BG walk in various ways and she talked about what he was doing that I couldn’t even begin to comprehend. Not in a “mystical, will flim-flam you way” but obviously from a wealth of knowledge that far surpasses mine. This means she will be a good person to learn more Stuff from. Always important to keep learning Stuff.

After discussing his history she worked him from neck to head, to neck. Chest to shoulder to front legs. Across the back. Down the back, the tail, to the legs again, and finally back to the head.

BG was very tolerant of it all which was a good sign that it wasn’t too rough (a problem with another guy I’ve used and who I passed on calling just because of that reason). She was also extremely thorough and did a comprehensive examination.

She did something called The Wave, and she said few horses will tolerate it but BG seemed to really liked being rocked around on his spine.

An area that he was obviously very sore on (the latissumus area), was also an area I had noted that during grooming he really wanted rubbed hard.

She and hubby said they could immediately see a difference in how BG was using his hips. Hubby later told me it seemed he was flexing side to side in the pelvis more.

And of course the best news is that she was very positive about a good healing outcome for him due to the amount of improvement she saw in that appointment alone. YEAH!

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5 Responses to first chiropractor visit since fracture

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve had good and bad experiences with chiropractors – but a good one is worth their weight in gold. Glad it helped!

    • Definitely I agree with you – chiropractors are not all the same and people need to check them out. I already knew that if I didn’t feel good about it, I would call a stop to it, and pay off what I owed and called it done.

  2. oneredhorse says:

    This is such good news! I read back through your many entries re: Big Guy’s pelvis injury and healing. Your patience and positive approach to his care were inspirational.

    • Thanks Red! Honestly, I am more patient now that I’ve seen some improvement 🙂

      I hope that others can read through and get some hope if they are dealing with the same problem. A friend, who attended a recent jump clinic, met up with someone whose horse also had a pelvis fracture that healed, so it’s on my to-do list this week to call her and get her advice and thoughts.

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