Well Armed

One of my guilty-pleasure shows has returned: Jockeys. A guilty pleasure because I do not support or condone Thoroughbred Racing… however, I’ve found the show to be very insightful as to the industry and I’ve gained a lot of sympathy for jockeys (who are not paid unless they win).

What caught my eye and ear though was Jockey Aaron Gryder who rode Well Armed to a $6 milion dollar win at the Dubai World Cup. Well Armed won it by 14 lengths. Now this is why it caught my ear — Well Armed had fractured his pelvis two years prior!

Of course I’m sure he had swimming pools, magnetic blankets and all sorts of things to aid his rehabilitation but the point is that there is no reason why Big Guy can’t get back to at least some sort of service. Ha… even if HE doesn’t think so!

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4 Responses to Well Armed

  1. oneredhorse says:

    Well Armed’s win sure does bring some positive models of what healing is possible. Do you follow From Hell to Heaven: Saving Argus?

    One of the writer’s horses, Ridge, fractured his pelvis. After one year of recuperation, he is ready to start his conditioning for riding.

    Horses have such astounding healing abilities. Big Guy has come so far and while he may never kick butt by 14 lengths, I sure like to think the two of you will enjoy many, many find rides.

    • Hi Red – I’ll check out that blog! Thanks!

      Yeah, I don’t think BG will ever be a racehorse – though he was bred for it and I suspect did at least get to the track (he has a lip tatoo) but I highly suspect was way too slow….

      He’s been trying to tell me since day one of his arrival that he should be retired with lots, and lots of lovely mares. LOL

  2. Horses do have a remarkable power of recovery. I’ve had one that severed a hind leg tendon, and was back in full work after a year. I saw another that cut a foreleg so badly that a whole muscle group fell out, and he made a full recovery after all was sewn back together. So I think that your patience will be rewarded.

    I do think that spirit counts for a lot when it comes to recovering. A horse that wants to jump ground poles and is that full of life ought to have a bit of a headstart, even as you need to restrain his impulses at times.

    • Thanks Pilgrim, I agree. A problem with BG is from the beginning if he is at all in pain/ill etc.. his symptoms become very exaggerated. He was dead lame at one point and I feared another abcess; the vet came out and said he needed another eighth of an inch off one side of a hoof – it came off and he was sound immediately. *rolls eyes*

      On his jumping those poles – his method of operandi when face with anything that takes effort/work is to go faster – just like a little kid who wants to get it over with! Because he is trying to jump and rush, I know he must be really feeling pain when he goes clockwise.

      Yes, I do hope this patience pays off! Hurry up and Wait seems to be my mantra this year.

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