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the dark side of joy

Finally visited the horses. It took hubby’s help to get me going. I was reluctant because the last two weekends I’ve bumped into people I’m trying to avoid. Because of privacy concerns, I don’t want to delve too deeply into … Continue reading

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Tristan is feeling good!

Because of the rain, I didn’t get any chance to work Big Guy through the week. Today, was the first day of real sunshine and out we went to visit the horses. Boy, is he feeling GOOD! Very eager to … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing with Natural Horsemanship

While watching a show called Cats in the Womb, I learned that when the mother cat licks the kittens after their birth, this releases a hormone (I believe they stated oxycontin but I didn’t quite catch it) that gives a pleasurable sensation … Continue reading

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This dream was only part of a larger dream. At this part, hubby and I had gone through a rather bad neighborhood and were in some sort of auditorium sitting on folding chairs. We were waiting for a performance to begin … Continue reading

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Part of my day was also that I had the chiropractor coming later in the afternoon to work on the Big Guy. We were able to wrap the trim, go to lunch, take care of some things at home, then … Continue reading

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Something that interests me – and in total honesty – angers me also, is this trend of using emotionally charged words to suck people into the Barker’s Tent. After you wander though a maze of distorted mirrors, spun around until … Continue reading

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CRIC wraps up

Note: CRIC stands for Carolyn Resnick Inner Circle, a program she is offering (for monetary compensation) to provide Internet coaching and which I am currently enrolled. While I discuss Carolyns’ methods (”Waterhole Rituals’) I am expressing only my opinion to materials … Continue reading

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