Ride today

After I got back from the feed store, the rain had passed and sunshine emerged with a cool breeze. Climbed on Big Guy for a short walk and he really felt much more solid. He seemed a bit full of the devil and that is probably due to the drastic change in temps (much cooler now).

Reminded him that he needed to stand still for me to mount, especially as I am on my own at the barn during my rides.

Will try to get a longer ride in tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Ride today

  1. I am glad that you got a ride in. Ah, yes, these days of alternating showers and sunshine. Quite attractive really but they do demand good timing.

    • Yes, I also rode yesterday (Thursday) for a short period at a walk. Right now we are alternating cold, rain (fall) days with some nice sunshine and cool breezes. That won’t last long before it just goes nasty windy cold, usually after our US Thanksgiving.

      Last night and this a.m. heavy rain.

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