CRIC wraps up

Note: CRIC stands for Carolyn Resnick Inner Circle, a program she is offering (for monetary compensation) to provide Internet coaching and which I am currently enrolled.

While I discuss Carolyns’ methods (”Waterhole Rituals’) I am expressing only my opinion to materials – DVD’s, online YouTube videos, her public blog etc… and my impressions of it, as well as how I use it with my own horses, as a review. I am not trained or endorsed by Carolyn Resnick.


Carolyn Resnick’s Inner Circle group has wrapped. For those regular readers you may have wondered where my posts had gone in regards to this. In brief, I was waiting for it to wrap up before posting anything more.

I will write some basic thoughts in this post, however, it would be best to email me directly if you want to read the restricted entries about this online course.

The Good:

If you want to work on a bond with your horse, Carolyn Resnick has some advice you may find helpful.

She does add a dimension to liberty work that other popular trainers do not and advocates exercises that I myself have been using over 10 years ago – such as spending time with your horse, grooming at liberty, leading from behind etc…. These methods are easily applied and all they really need is time and patience for them to work.

The course gave some additional information about her methods and how she applies them (at this time she has two dvd’s and a book). The course clarified some of the body language and additional exercises you can do with the Waterhole Rituals and was helpful to me in refining my body language for the response I wanted from the horse.

From reading other people’s comments, it’s obvious that many others gained useful information and improved/deepened the relationship with their horse(s).


Would I take this course again? No. My reasons are listed in the private entries about this online course.

Would I recommend this course to others? It would be useful to the non-rider who wants to deepen the bond with your (safe) horse. It does take a lot of time and you also need a place where you can work your horse separate from other horses (such as a roundpen, paddock, arena etc…) so if you keep your horse at home this is doable. It would also be a very good method for the shy, withdrawn horse or the abused horse.

JMO, but for horses with aggression, dominance, or similar issues, I do not think you would find this course useful.

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