Something that interests me – and in total honesty – angers me also, is this trend of using emotionally charged words to suck people into the Barker’s Tent. After you wander though a maze of distorted mirrors, spun around until you don’t know which way is up, you are abruptly shoved out the back of the tent without seeing the Magical World of Mystical Wonders you had been promised for your quarter.

One of the Barker’s favorite words? “Bond.”

We all want that magical bond with our horse since we cracked open Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion for the first time. This has been going on for decades and over 15 years ago I coined the term The Black Stallion Syndrome (The BSS)  to typify those who will chase after the bond, delude themselves, and risk bodily harm to get it. Nowadays, it comes down to a financial drain to pursue the Bond hawked by these trainers.

But does it get you anywhere? Yeah, somewhat. Because guess what? They advocate something I will give you for free…


Yep, there you go and you didn’t have to shell out $499, at the tent’s entrance and then sit down to be mesmerized by my Come to Jesus Meeting – Halleujuah! rigamole to get it.

I’ve had a lot of experience with Hucksters. I grew up in a household where the outer appearance wasn’t the same as the inner. I watched my brothers’ father in law con others with his Jesus Talk, while they bankrupt the church and their followers – and we won’t go into his “second family” that all had children the same ages as his legit family.

As a reporter, I dealt with many shades of reality. What I knew from the police and the crime scene, what was reported, and what the public knew. I’ve attended many a city council meeting and school board meeting where the doings were all decided before the meeting even took place (illegal as hell) while the public swallowed a different truth.

Most of my life has been growing up in the south, surronded by the Religious Right of this country. A group that specializes in sucking in thousands of people to pay for their huge churches, cars, gold jewelry and hair spray. I know how sad it is when someone will do anything to guarantee their place in heaven, and common sense is the first thing they hand over.

As a person who has had to deal with Justice, Black and White, and Truth, yeah it pisses me off when people buy this crap. It pisses me off that people take advantage of someone’s deepest desire and then spin the web of Svengali to entrap the helpless fly.

So here it is….


And you will find that things will happen and what you want is there in your hand all the time.

That’s the best I can do for you. Now do something for yourself by figuring out that the Horse is the Master of all this. If you listen to the Horse, then your dreams can come true.

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