Part of my day was also that I had the chiropractor coming later in the afternoon to work on the Big Guy. We were able to wrap the trim, go to lunch, take care of some things at home, then rush back. Unfortunately, the cloudy skies decided to sprinkle and rain during this time and I weighed the decision of taking BG into a makeshift stall or just working under some big trees.

In the stall he would not be able to see his horse friends. He had also never been in that stall before and the surface of it was pretty gravelly. Thankfully, we all decided that working under the big trees was better for him despite getting some rain drops that made it’s way through the leafy canopies.

I really like this chiropractor (whose last appt is also in this blog) and she did a gentle job on him. He was very sensitive on the back, especially an area that would be behind the saddle, though I did question Dr. Dee if it would be due to riding, and she assured me that it was not. More then likely, it is just tension created by his body taking more weight on the hindquarters, something desired, but still stressful for him.


She worked out this stress and his spine. This session and adjustment was shorter then the first, as I don’t think there was as much work to be done.

He was able to hold his back up higher with the butt tucks and was able to step backwards in a straight manner with good rhythm. During circles his hips and pelvis had more swing and his legs crossed over, a sign that he had more mobility from the hip down then his last session.

He’s coming along very nicely….!

Have scheduled another appt. for him in October when I also want her to work Little Girl – she has shown a stiffness in the counter clockwise turns. Now I just have to figure a way to scrap up the money for it.

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