Tristan is feeling good!

Because of the rain, I didn’t get any chance to work Big Guy through the week. Today, was the first day of real sunshine and out we went to visit the horses.

Boy, is he feeling GOOD! Very eager to walk out, and move – with a bit of an overstride, even though the right hind wasn’t striking as flat with as much weight as the left still. That was a good sign, but after working him over caveletti and then letting him loose in the dirt arena, he took off trotting and that is looking awesome from where we were two months ago – even two weeks ago!

When he rolled, he was able to go to his spine with all four feet in the air. Wasn’t able to flip over but definitely more movement – then he easily got up from it!

He also had a calm, interested excitement about him that just emanated good energy as opposed to a withdrawn, concentrating inward on pain aspect.

These are huge improvements… I knew that he did a lot better on this second chiropractic visit, but since that was done in the rain, and it’s rained ever since, I had no ability to see that difference this week until today.

Let’s rock the celebration!

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