week in review

Just like the forecast predicted, we got slammed with rain today – and for tomorrow – with a Flash Flood warning out for our area. That sucks, but it’s typical of October around here, which begs the question, why September was LIKE October??

I did ride Big Guy yesterday for about 10 minutes. I am wary of him that is the truth. He can be quite unpredictable in his behavior at times and it can come out of left field.

An interesting thing that I became aware of was that while viewing Linda Tellington-Jones dvd, Hit if Off with Your Horse, she showed a horse whose chin becomes very flat like a platter, and she called it “interesting.” Well, I don’t know about you but that usually means “Watch Out!” and guess who I’ve noticed has this same platter chin….?!

Note the straight, flat chin

Easing him and me back to a regular routine, which I hope means 30 minutes of walk work by the end of the month sounds like the way to go. We’ll see what the weather will allow me to get done, as well as my nerves.

I have not had time to work ZZ much this week, even though she has been at the gate wanting to Be Trained! And poor pony has really gotten the short end of the leadrope on interaction as I’m trying to cope with a new schedule for me.

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