October rides for Tristan

Hm I’ve come to a conclusion about riding Big Guy in October – it’s going to be about Relaxation and Belief – for both of us to learn again that we can do this together (and HAVE done it!)

He’s riding like he did when I bought him five years ago – when I had given him the moniker The Brick – and I don’t think it’s due to the injury, just a security reversal back to his old ways of doing things. By The Brick, he has as much flex and bending as a brick, is as non-responsive to my leg aids as a brick, and moves out about as well as a brick.

Sunday ride: hubby helped with the clicker training to encourage BG to stop going behind the bit and walk out a bit while I rode. Light lunging with some trot (very good!).

Monday ride: Lots of clicker training to remind him to stand still while being mounted – my mounting block is way too short and my left ankle has been owie – need to look into new monting block. Very short ride but he didn’t seem as nervous even though extremely windy day. Stretches afterward. Ended up with an earache due to the wind.

I am thinking it’s time to ride with the whip again and remind him that I mean it (will clarify what I mean by that in the next ride).

Tuesday workout: did not ride – it was terribly windy (worse then yesterday!) Did work BG in the roundpen with a bit of trot on free lunging. Really went well and he is showing that he is getting back to a working mind. Seemed very calm despite the weather. Mostly concentrated on ZZ.

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2 Responses to October rides for Tristan

  1. A horse that doesn’t sand still for mounting really is a nuisance. And a suitably high mounting block is a real benefit. We have one with steps at the yard, high enough that I can almost step straight across onto Doru – an excellent facility, though if course at just over 15 hands he is one of the shorter horses.

    It is good that BG is calm despite the wind. I was out today on a blustery, wet day and did appreciate being able to stay relaxed knowing that nothing silly is likely. Seems like BG is settling down and, as you say, gettig into a working mind again.

    • Well BG does have these little things that can make someone impatient with dealing with him. Not standing still is big on the list! My block is too short, and I think I pulled my left achilles heel this week so clambering on board, with him wandering off, was not a good thing. He did better though as the week progressed.

      Okay where I live has a song from a musical about it and part of it’s phrase is “where the wind goes sweeping ‘cross the plains” so yeah it’s a bit windy around here. Thankfully, where I live now is more hilly so the wind isn’t as bad as when I lived two hours away.

      ZZ OTOH was a fright! startling at everything and bolting around like a loon.

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