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Country Lane with Pony

Here is a photo of working Pandora today in a Leading from Behind or driving position. I just slip to her side, and then behind her, as she continues to go forward. Note the very slack leadrope. If you can’t … Continue reading

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Come running when called

Here’s a photo from today – Pandora and ZZ in the alley and I’ve just called them to come down to me. The chestnut is ZZ’s Arabian gelding buddy.

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week in review

Just like the forecast predicted, we got slammed with rain today – and for tomorrow – with a Flash Flood warning out for our area. That sucks, but it’s typical of October around here, which begs the question, why September … Continue reading

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My heros (are not cowboys)

With all my cynical posting about Big Name Trainers, readers might wonder where I do get my inspiration and training. Personally, I’ve found myself turning to the little guys out there – because they are the ones who are accomplishing … Continue reading

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Activate: Balancing – advanced (3)

Balancing exercises from the dvd Activate your Horses’ Core by Dr. Hilary Clayton and Dr. Narelle Stubbs. This is one in a series of notes I’ve written to record my horses’ progress. Disclaimer: I highly recommend you consult your vet and chiropractor first, … Continue reading

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